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Learn to build secure software

Acquire the right skills to implement and deploy secure applications.


Learn to build secure software

Building a security culture in software engineering

Avatao teaches software developers to write and deploy secure applications. Avatao’s online platform contains almost 800 gamified exercises. It allows developers to learn about security and offers a turn-key solution for businesses to run hands-on labs on demand.

At Avatao every learning experience is an Event. Whether you are a newbie or an expert in security, by attending Avatao events like Hackathons or Workshops, you get a deeper understanding on how to deliver secure code.

Continuous learning Continuous learning
Workshops Workshops
CTFs & Hackathons CTFs & Hackathons
Onboarding Onboarding
Assessment (soon) Assessment (soon)
Certification (soon) Certification (soon)

Avatao technology is highly scalable and able to run a rich diversity of hands-on labs including secure coding, web security or devsecops tools. To achieve this, we use different runtime environments.

Docker-based runtime Docker-based runtime

Docker is the leading containerization technology to isolate computing resources efficiently. Avatao challenges built in this technology are massively scalable, still delivering hands-on learning experience.

Docker-based runtime VM-based runtime (soon)

There are so many cool technologies out there we would love to teach, but docker is simply not enough. Our new virtual machine-based runtime helps to represent more complex problems faced in the cloud native world every day.

Gamified learning experience delivered to companies you know

"Avatao combines the convenience and accessibility of computer-based training with challenging but solvable, real-world examples, to teach software engineers how to identify and avoid common coding security mistakes. The result? A highly engaging platform that people enjoy, and don’t avoid!"

Attila J. Török Director of Security Assurance at LogMeIn

Avatao is one of my favourite companies, they are one of the most easy to engage, proactive and energetic companies I've worked with. They always respond to our questions quickly, try to execute ideas that we push them and have a really great attention for detail."

Diniz Cruz CISO at Photobox & active OWASP contributor

“I think solving practical problems is an effective way to learn, so I spent lots of hours playing CTF games and attended competitions in the last 10-15 years. I can confidently say that the Avatao challenges cover a wide area, and they could surprise me a couple of times. Congrats and keep up the good work guys!”

Dávid Németh Cs. Principal Engineer at Prezi

LogMeIn SkyScanner Photobox Lufthansa CircleCi

How we help?

Learning experience

Learning experience

At Avatao, we recognize that not all developers require the same assistance. That’s why we offer two types of exercises: tutorials and challenges. Tutorials are based on a helper bot guiding the users through learning steps, whereas challenges are targeting developers with more expertise who can work on their own and ask for hints, if needed.

Security culture

Security culture

Skilled developers build secure systems, use advanced security tools, and rapidly fix the emerging problems. Avatao grants a complex set of security exercises, to offer the best training for various skill levels. We help companies to nurture a team of security champions to span the knowledge gap between developers and security experts.



We offer a wide variety of topics from secure coding in your favorite languages to cloud native tools you use on a daily basis. Our team and the community contribute actively to Avatao's library of nearly 800 security exercises. That’s why, we are able to arm developers with diverse and actionable security skills.

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