Boost your developers’ C# security knowledge

Our practical and comprehensive C# security training can be directly applied to your teams’ daily work. Avatao’s C# exercises cover a wide range of topics, and offer interactive learning materials for developers, regardless of their current skill level. We guide users through 3 levels of competence, and make sure they get a solid understanding of secure coding in C#, allowing them to build secure applications.

Enable your team to write secure code in C#

What your team will learn:

C# security best practices

Most common C# attacks & corresponding exploits

OWASP Top 10

Web security topics

Native C# vulnerabilities

ASP.NET Core security features

C# security training levels

1. Beginner - C# secure coding guidelines

Developers get a solid understanding of the most common C# security vulnerabilities through guided tutorials. The beginner module includes topics such as XML vulnerabilities, XSS, basics of web security, authentication, and authorization in ASP.NET.

2. Intermediate - Best practices and strategies

Your team will gain a better understanding of the most common attack surfaces. We equip learners with hands-on skills to think like a hacker, and empower them to design and build-up multiple lines of defence. Apart from diving deeper into the topics covered in the beginners’ module, the intermediate section includes topics such as SQL injection, regular expressions, and other platform-related security issues.

3. Advanced - Real security breaches

Developers can immerse themselves in advanced C# challenges: all vulnerabilities and relevant attacks are demonstrated through real-life security breaches, followed by the recommended secure coding guidelines, and the possible mitigation techniques. Some topics covered in this module are: advanced topics of SQL injection, concurrency, XML-related security issues, reflected file download, tutorials about the using of LINQ, XPath tools, and deserialization.

Advantages of a C# security training

Empower your development team to

  • Write secure code in C# and catch application security threats early
  • Learn to identify the root cause of problems and how to fix them
  • Get a deep understanding of each web attack’s anatomy and objectives
  • Understand both the offensive and defensive mindset
  • Learn creative thinking and problem solving techniques, which help them detect innovative ways of exploiting C# security vulnerabilities
  • Perform advanced source code review
  • Improve development processes and strengthen your application security
c# security training

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