Provide continuous security training for your developers

Being familiar with the latest security best practices is essential for building secure products. Cybersecurity threats are changing every day, and your developers need to be able to keep up. Read on to find out how Avatao can help you keep your team’s skills up to date!

continuous training

Why is continuous training important?

Writing and fixing code snippets is part of an industry that is evolving constantly. To keep up with the ever-changing trends and best practices, you have to look for ways to improve your developers’ skills and expand their knowledge. Providing them with the right training on a regular basis not only helps them get familiar with the newest languages, security tools, vulnerabilities, and ways to prevent them, but also helps them remain competitive in their field.

Advantages of continuous security training

Incorporating security into developers’ daily job will lead to a wider, stronger knowledge base, and an improved toolkit that can be leveraged to take steps toward both their personal and corporate goals. Continuous training therefore can help you achieve long term benefits, such as:

• Improved security consciousness of developers

• Relevant, up-to-date industry skills

• Faster, more efficient product release

• Snowball effect: developers sharing their experience and knowledge within the team leading to a more positive attitude towards security overall

How can Avatao help your team?

continuous training avatao

1. Experience with real-life security challenges in the most popular programming languages

Avatao equips developers with relevant knowledge about the most common vulnerabilities of popular programming languages and demonstrates them using real-life scenarios. We’re constantly adding new exercises based on the most important security topics to our platform to help developers understand and protect against the newest vulnerabilities.

2. Personalize developers' training and track progress through Learning Paths

Avatao helps you assign the most relevant secure coding training exercises to your developers based on their job roles, difficulty level, languages, and relevant security topics. Analytics and certificates allow you to track progress, making rewarding and motivating your developers easier than ever. With the help of our platform you can also schedule learning paths in advance by creating a yearly training plan, and regularly send your developers reminders about their assignments.

3. Build your own custom training modules

Need personalized training content for your developers? We’ve got you covered! With access to our full library of exercises, you can build your own secure coding training. We also give you the ability to create your own exercises if you need company-specific topics.

Get started with continuous training today

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