Customer stories

Interested in learning about how our clients utilized Avatao to improve their teams’ secure coding practices, and to achieve their goals? Read our customer stories to find out!

avatao case studies

Building out a scalable training program

LogMeIn Avatao customer

As a top SaaS provider, LogMeIn needed to build out efficient resistance against external threats. Find out how Avatao’s platform helped their developers double their success ratio! 

Client: LogMeIn
Location: Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Industry: Cloud-Based SaaS provider
Revenue (2019): $1.26B
Number Of Developers: 1800
Solutions: Continuous Learning, CTF, Career Tracks

Implementing a continuous security education

Adnovum Avatao customer

Being an international provider of software and security solutions, AdNovum needed to boost their secure coding skills and go beyond simple presentations and hack days. Learn more about how Avatao’s platform provided them with hands-on experience through solving concrete scenarios.

Client: AdNovum
Location: Zürich, Switzerland
Industry: Software Engineering
Revenue (2019): $71.55M
Number Of Developers: 350
Solutions: Security consulting, Software Solutions, Finance

Meeting PCI DSS compliance requirements

pci dss compliance

Achieving PCI-DSS compliance is essencial for any organization operating in the financial industry. Find out how Avatao helped a customer meet the requirements successfully.

Client Industry: Financial Services
Revenue (2019): $1B-$10B
Number Of Developers: 500+
Solutions: Compliance Training (PCI-DSS), CTF, Security Training

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