Avatao success story: Building out a scalable training program

Client: LogMeIn
Location: Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Industry: Cloud-Based SaaS provider
Revenue (2019): $1.26B
Number of developers: 1800
Solutions: Continuous learning, CTF, career tracks

LogMeIn Avatao customer

As a top SaaS provider, LogMeIn needed to build out efficient resistance against external threats. Find out how Avatao’s platform helped their developers double their success ratio! 

The Company

The “work-from-anywhere” company, LogMeIn, helps people and businesses do their best work simply and securely: whenever, however, and most importantly, wherever. Since its founding in 2003, the company has sought to unlock the potential of the modern workforce. One of the world’s top SaaS companies, LogMeIn has millions of customers spanning the globe.

The Challenges

To ensure its products are secure and resistant to external threats, LogMeIn decided to supplement existing training programs with a more permanent, scalable, and easily trackable solution.

1,800 developers across several product teams received access to Avatao’s
gamified platform, which proved its efficiency by reducing the time spent on testing cycles, improving coding practices, and encouraging a security-by-design mindset among developers and engineers.

logmein customer story avatao

“Avatao provides an excellent platform to educate software engineers on how to prevent common security mistakes through hands-on, real world examples. Engineers are able to not only read about security issues, but see them in practice in order to gain a better understanding. Additionally, the platform is easy to use and the team is proactive and energetic which is very important in a rapidly changing world.”

Szilárd Boldizsár
Information Security Manager


To achieve scalability without jeopardizing role-specific requirements, Avatao prepared a custom training program centered around AppSec vulnerabilities, ensuring all developers receive tailored training solutions whether they are beginners or advanced security champions.

Developers learned how to code securely through monthly learning paths that incentivized long-term engagement with the help of gamification, social features, and communities.


From 2017-2019, LogMeIn developers doubled their success ratio. Improved secure coding practices were implemented at every stage of the software development cycle, reducing the time and money spent on testing, triage, refactoring, and incident response.

avatao customer story logmein

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