Customer story: PCI-DSS compliance

Client Industry: Financial services
Revenue (2019): $1B-$10B
Number of developers: 500+
Solutions: Compliance training (PCI-DSS), CTF, security training

The Company

With international offices, the company offers both businesses and consumers around the world innovative solutions for digital payments. Their cashless payment solution are customizable to any industry and business, which makes the company one of the fastest growing digital platforms in the fintech industry.

The Challenges

For one of the world’s fastest-growing digital platforms in the finance industry, PCI-DSS is one of the key compliance requirements. Due to their company growth, there was a need to replace the awareness campaigns driven by each of their local branches to a globally trackable and scalable training solution. 

As the company grew, it became essential to target the PCI compliance to each of the technology stacks used by the development teams spread across the world, and to keep the training fun and engaging.

avatao customer story pci dss


To achieve this certification, Avatao prepared a custom training program for the different target groups based on the languages the developers programmed in (Java, .Net, Python, C and C++ and an optional DevSecOps) that was in line with the PCI requirements. To give the team leaders a comprehensive overview of their teams’ progress throughout the 3-month initiative, the company was provided with the key metrics to track training completion, and regularly sent internal reminders to complete trainings on time.


During 2019 and 2020, throughout multiple waves of training in 30 different regions, the company developers targeted by the PCI-DSS compliance successfully passed and received their certification from the Avatao training.

pci case study avatao

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