Avatao success story:
Meeting compliance requirements

Client: Zartis
Location: Madrid, Spain
Industry: Information Technology and Services
Revenue (2020): $22 million
Number of developers: 170
Solutions: Compliance training (ISO 27001), security training


As a digital solutions provider, Zartis needed to meet ISO 27001 compliance requirements. To make sure information, sensitive data, and other digital assets are protected, their software engineers needed to have the right mindset and security skills. That’s where Avatao stepped in and provided them with the training they needed.

The Company

Zartis provides digital solutions to companies across numerous industries. They have offices in Ireland, Spain, Germany, Poland, and the United Kingdom, and business relationships all over the globe. Partnering with other firms, Zartis contributes to high-quality software development in sectors such as financial services, medtech, logistics technology, renewable energy, and e-commerce. With a passion for good coding, Zartis has been improving deep technical know-how that supports excellent software technology.

The Challenges

As a digital solutions provider and technology consultant, Zartis’ team is subject to compliance with the international standard ISO 27001. They need to make sure that their engineers are aware of the best practices in information security to protect their clients’ valuable information, focusing on the three main pillars: confidentiality, integrity, and availability. ISO 27001 being a key value of their business, Zartis wanted to expand its scope within their organization through an engaging and relevant training that would serve a mixed skillset, and scale from their functional internal training.

Avatao customer story Zartis

“While looking at other options, Avatao was super engaged from the beginning and provided multiple programming languages training that fit our organizational needs.“

Laura Sanchez Puente
Chief Operating Officer at Zartis


Avatao put together a custom 1-hour long module focused on OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities that included 13 hands-on exercises. The whole technical team was then assigned the training and given a timeline to complete it. Zartis management was given the tools to track the progression of each engineer as well as their time of submission.


The compliance training was positively received by the engineers at Zartis, who are now looking to make this a continuous part of their onboarding process within their rapidly growing organization, and expand the scope to a larger audience. All Zartis engineers subscribed to the Avatao platform are now successfully compliant with the standards of ISO 27001.

customer story Avatao

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