Is a community manager required to have a premium account to get access to the private community?

The community manager will have access to the challenges included in the learning path created for that specific private community.

Is it possible to create a private community?

At this time no user can create your own community. Our support staff will be more than happy to create a community for you and your team at no additional cost.

Can one community manager be assigned to multiple communities?

Yes, a community manager can be assigned to more than one community at a time.

Can you see the usage data (statistics) of all users of a community?

The community manager is able to see the usage data (statistics) which includes the overall score of users and the individual scores for each of the challenges solved for users with premium access only.

How can we see the progress of the team members in a community?

The user management is dynamic: the manager assigned has rights to invite, upgrade, downgrade or kick out users, and also see their statistics. You can track the overall score of users, and their individual scores for each of the challenges solved.

What can I do as a community manager?

As a community manager you can invite, upgrade, downgrade or kick out users from your community.

Do users need to be upgraded to have access to private challenges in private communities?

No, all the community manager needs to do is invite them and they would have access to the challenges and the learning path created.

What roles can you assign to a member of a community?

The roles available in a community are the following:
Manager: has access to manage members, edit community details and usage (statistics)
Privileged Manager: has access to the community information and limited statistics
Members: has access to community information


Can we create our own challenges on the Avatao platform?

Absolutely, we have a GitHub based content development platform that allows you to develop challenges. In the platform you can create challenges for yourself or your team or even share with others. It is all up to you.

Do you support Single Sign On (SSO)?

Yes, we support SSO authentication.

Do we have an Active Directory (AD)?

At this time we do not support Active Directory.

Is Avatao a hacking platform?

We are online training provides online security exercises include some hacking exercises. Our objective at Avatao is to help companies build a strong security culture by helping developers learn best practices, drive security champions and connect security to development whilst empowering security experts responsible for design and architecture through online training security exercises.

Can we create our own learning path?

At this time the learning path can only be done by one of our specialized support staff by sending a email to support@avatao.com

What does the Avatao platform offer its users?

We are online training for developing skills to build secure software. Our rich library of 650+ high quality, hands-on IT security exercises. For an overview of our platform, please feel free to click on this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YRTntowke3Y

Who creates the challenges?

We rely on a wide community for challenges creation. We have qualified IT developers who create the challenges, but we also rely on our community for challenges.

Do we need to have a certain level to start training?

We expect the users of our online platform to have coding experience, but we have exercises for different levels starting from beginners to security expert level.

Is your online training platform self-paced?

Yes, we at Avatao understand the importance of self-paced learning because we understand everybody learns differently and at their own pace.

Is the Avatao platform on cloud or on-premises server?

The Avatao platform is hosted entirely on our cloud server.

How long should I spend on the platform?

It depends on your organization and personal objective.

How long are the exercises?

It depends on your skill level and type of exercises attempting.

How much time will it take of my time per week?

It depends on your skill level and type of exercises attempting.

3. WHAT IS...?

What type of content do you have on the Avatao blog?

Our blog contains information on technical analysis, latest cybersecurity vulnerabilities, internet of things security, web security, DevSecOps and many more. We post new articles on a weekly basis.

Do you have tutorial type exercises?

We have tutorial type exercises that are guided by a bot.

What is a challenge?

A challenge is a type of exercise.

What is a learning path?

A path is a specific topic made of sequenced exercises that are called challenges.

What is a community?

A community can be created publicly or privately and assembles the specific paths required for a certain group of people. It can be entirely customized.


I am interested in setting up a Capture The Flag (CTF) information security competition. How do I get started?

It is very easy. Email us at maite.hacquin@avatao.com with the following info:
1) Potential topics (web, secure coding in X language, hacking vs. fixing, crypto, etc.)
2) Difficulty (skill level of your developers)
3) Number of participants (just for the record, the system can scale up to the thousands)
4) Timeframe of the event

We will get back to you within a day with an offer.

Can I adjust the points given for the challenges?

Yes, we can help you change the scoring system to what suits you and your team by sending an email to support@avatao.com

Can we use custom design elements for the path (logo, design, ...)?

Yes, we can customize the header of the path with your company logo and design by sending an email to support@avatao.com.

How long does it take to set up such an event?

It depends on various factors such as topic, number of participants, etc.


How do I sign up on the Avatao platform?

By clicking on "Test your skills" and you will be redirected to our platform. Where you will be able to Sign Up by click on the Sign Up button on the top left hand corner of the page.

I would like to try the platform before purchase. How can I go about it?

By clicking on "Test your skills" and you will be able to try out our challenges.

Does Avatao offer volume discount for companies?

Yes, we offer volume discount starting from +50 developers.

How can I cancel my subscription if I am not satisfied by the service?

To cancel your subscription please send an email to sales@avatao.com


How is Avatao different from SCW?

The main difference is that SCW focuses on the code review process, whereas Avatao covers the entire SDLC, the whole life of a software developer (software design, secure coding, code reviews/pentesting, DevSecOps). SCW focuses on code review, whereas Avatao covers the whole SDLC with real-life virtual environments. With that, we are able to do exercises for topics like DevSecOps, that competitors cannot cover. Our key proof point is the feedback from developers and security champions. At this point, I can assure you, Avatao is unique and engaging based on an evaluation feedback from many companies.


What topics does Avatao cover in its exercises?

The Avatao exercises covers the SDLC process.

How often do you publish new topics?

We publish approximately 20 new challenges per month. As we are very demand-driven, please drop us an email at (content email) if you have any suggestions/requests.


What is your privacy policy?

For more information on oour privacy policy, please click on this link: https://platform.avatao.com/terms

Is it safe to put my credit card data on the website? How secure is the payment?

To ensure we are safeguarding customer and follow steps to ensure safe data practices. We work with third party companies such as PayPal and Braintree who have a range of comprehensive range of security technologies that control access to sensitive data.

What payment method does Avatao accept?

We currently accept debit, credit card and PayPal.