Frequently Asked Questions

Below we have gathered the most common questions we receive regarding our secure coding training platform and our services. Look around, and in case you still have questions feel free to reach out!

avatao frequently asked questions
Can I try Avatao for free?

Yes! You can try some of our beginner exercises for free on this page, without registration. In case you’d like to explore the platform and see more advanced content and features, reach out to us and we’ll help you set up your free trial!

Is SSO available?

Yes, SSO is available. You can see all the enterprise identity providers here.

What kind of integrations do you have?

At the moment, we are working on new integrations that are expected to release in the near future. Until then, we are able to manually create integrations with our client system through APIs.

What types of support do you offer?

We have two types of support: silver (onboarding, yearly account review, standard support) and gold (dedicated account manager, priority support, in-depth onboarding, quarterly reviews, custom reports).

What kind of analytics/statistics does the platform offer?

We have integrated statistics within the platform, and downloadable reports are available as well. Admins are also able to track organization and individual progress, including completion data, skill progress in languages and topics, team performance, and number of assignments.

Are more reports available besides the ones on the platform?

You can get custom reports with our enterprise package.

What skill level do developers need in order to start using the platform?

We have more than 800 exercises to make sure we can meet the needs and skill level of any developer. We have plenty of exercises created for beginners, so you can get started with zero experience in security!

Do you focus on the offensive or defensive side of security?

Avatao’s number one goal is to provide secure coding skills to developers so they can prevent vulnerabilities. As such, our platform covers both the offensive and defensive sides of security.

What kinds of vulnerabilities and topics does the platform cover?

Our exercises cover a wide variety of security topics, including OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilites, DevSecOps, API security and more. To learn more about the languages and security topics we cover, click here!

How often do you add new languages / topics /exercises?

We plan our general content creation roadmap before each quarter, but we also create new exercises in reaction to relevant security breaches and major incidents when the technical details become available. All in all, we release approximately 10-15 new exercises each quarter.

Does Avatao use live computer systems and real code?

Absolutely! Unlike other secure coding trainings, Avatao doesn’t make users simply check and run mockup code. Instead, they are motivated to create actual running solutions. Users get real error messages and ship real code snippets to working mini-applications.

How much time does a developer typically spend on your platform?

On average, a developer should spend 30-45 minutes per week on our platform. But since it is self-paced and always available, developers can spend as much time on the platform as they want.

How can a developer get help if they cannot proceed with an exercise?

Avatao offers two types of exercises: tutorials and challenges. In tutorials, our bot guides users through the correct steps, so you won’t get stuck. In challenges, if the user is unable to solve it on their own, they can request hints that will help them along.

Does Avatao offer certificates after completing the training?

Yes, Avatao offers certificates for the completion of learning paths.