How to build a security advantage from bugs

This short, practical ebook presents 5 hands-on, instructive use cases from Avatao’s security training library based on recent security breaches and high-profile vulnerabilities.

Learn about proven ways to turn security issues into insights for your company.

Read this ebook to learn

  • About a security training approach that enables developers to learn techniques and strategies for creative thinking and problem solving
  • How to upskill your team to a more advanced security mindset
  • How your team can gain higher visibilty into your attack surface


  • How to increase your developer team’s capability to avoid and remediate security issues in coding and deployment to ship products faster


Avatao’s approach to security training

Avatao’s security training goes beyond simple tutorials and videos offering an interactive job-relevant learning experience to developer teams, security champions, pentesters, security analysts and DevOps teams.

With 600+ challenges and tutorials in 10+ languages, the platform covers a wide range of security topics across the entire security stack from OWASP Top 10 to DevSecOps and Cryptography.

The platform immerses developers in high-profile cases and provides them with real, in-depth experience with challenging security breaches. Engineers will actually learn to hack and patch the bugs themselves.

We are helping companies around the world to build a security culture

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