Work with us as an intern at Avatao!

We believe that at Avatao we found a way to create a culture which nourishes creativity, and supports personal and professional development. Therefore, we would really like to give back to the community, so we decided to launch the Avatao Internship Program.

We have vivid memories of trying to find our ways in the world in the beginning of our careers. It is tough enough to figure out what is supposed to be our profession, but figuring out how to do things once you land your first job is way more complicated.

avatao internship

Who can apply to our internship program?

avatao intern
  • Students of any university in the EU studying arts, design, development, marketing, finance, communications, law, or any field related to business.
  • Who can spend 3 months with us working 30 hours per month
  • Self-driven, curious people 
  • Who never stop asking questions and challenging us

What will you do as an Avatao Intern?

You will rotate between teams, spending 1 month with each

As an aspiring developer you will spend time with our devops, platform developer, and content developer teams

As a future designer you will spend time with the UX/UI design, the UX research, and the marketing teams

As a future business representative, you can pick the teams of your choice, choosing from finance, sales, marketing and HR

Will you be paid?

We really appreciate your time and would like to give you a fair compensation for spending your time with us.

How can you apply?

Send us your CV and a short message describing why you would like to join the Avatao Internship Program and which teams you would like to visit. If you are a developer, we are happy to see your projects on GitHub, and designers are welcome to share their portfolios with us!

internship at avatao