Grow your team’s Kotlin security skills

Develop and manage secure applications with the help of Avatao! Our practical Kotlin security training provides your developer teams with knowledge they can directly apply to their daily work.

kotlin security training

Enable your Kotlin developers to build secure apps

What your team will learn:

API Security




Mass Assignment

Spring Framework

Secure Coding

HTTP Headers


Integer Overflow

Defensive Security

Web Security

Start training based on skill level

1. Beginner - Learn Kotlin fundamentals

Developers gain a solid understanding of the core Kotlin features and JWT security best practices through guided tutorials. They will get familiar with the fundamentals of Kotlin language, and learn about topics such as variables, classes, interfaces, inheritance, data and inner classes, nullability, companion, collections, extension functions, objects, and delegation.

2. Intermediate - Secure your applications

In three main steps, intermediate modules equip learners with best practices for developing secure applications. First, we introduce developers to topics dealing with content serving. Then we move on to the basics of ORM usage, and finally, we dive into creating HTML. Developers will also learn about further language features such as annotations, companion inheritance, data class comparison, serialization, authentication, and authorization, as well as how to create and secure APIs.

3. Advanced - Understand Kotlin-Java interoperability

Developers are familiarized with practices that help make Kotlin – Java interoperability more seamless and secure. Teams can learn methods that enhance reuseability and productivity. Some more advanced topics are also introduced, such as dependency injection and web security basics.

Advantages of a Kotlin security training

Empower your development team to

  • Write secure code in Kotlin and catch application security threats early
  • Learn to identify the root cause of problems and fix them right away
  • Get a deep understanding of each attack’s anatomy and objectives
  • Understand both the offensive and defensive mindset
  • Learn techniques and strategies for creative thinking and problem solving to detect innovative ways of exploiting Kotlin security vulnerabilities
  • Perform advanced source code review
  • Improve development processes and strengthen your application security
secure coding in kotlin

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