Introducing Learning Paths on Avatao

Assign the most relevant secure coding training exercises to your developers based on their job roles, help them progress, and motivate them to achieve their goals!

secure coding training learning paths

What are Learning Paths?

We have compiled modules on Avatao into different groups to help developers easily find the exercises they need in order to develop in their own roles. A Learning path consists of 3 levels, each containing job-relevant exercises from beginner to more advanced. Depending on the role, modules can contain language-specific exercises, cover several languages, or focus on other important security topics too!

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Tracking progress of someone’s learning path is also simple. Both admins and developers can see in the Statistics menu what stage they’re on, and which modules they are currently working on. Either user type also has the ability to assign exercises.


After completing each level, developers are awarded a Certificate, which they can share with their network on social channels.

secure coding training statistics

Why use Learning Paths?

learning paths advantages

With the help of Learning Paths, developers can become more motivated and engaged by setting and achieving specific goals. Working towards these targets supports both their professional and personal growth.

Use Learning paths to:

  • Increase motivation
  • Improve user engagement
  • Support personal development

Provide personalized training for your developers