Meet the Avatao team

Who are we?

Our young, dynamic team consists of people coming from diverse professional backgrounds, but we all work together for the same goal every day. We support each other, listen to each other, collaborate, and step up if someone needs a helping hand.

Read on to find out more about our founders, and members of the Business, Design/UX, and Tech teams!

avatao team

The founders

Mark Felegyhazi

Dad of two kids. I love challenges. I moved around the world, currently living in the US.


Gabor Pek

No coffee, but full-time yoga.

Levente Buttyan


Business team


Eva Polonkai

HR Manager

Psychologist-to-be, well-being enthusiast. I’m a proud owner of a dog – who also happens to be the Chief Happiness Officer of Avatao.

Sara Farkas
Digital Marketing Manager
Cat and dog parent. I like reading, drinking chai latte, creating digital illustrations, and practicing bikram yoga.
Abel Maroti
Junior Marketing Manager

I like coffee and good whiskey. I’m a part time American football player. Cereal before milk.

Soma Schuler
Customer Success Manager

Less ego, more amigo! I enjoy the simple things, like foods, friends, and music.

Tamas Molnar
Account Executive

Defining personality trait: I love helping people. I can’t really sit in one place for too long, and can’t stand not cooking for a day.

Design/UX team

Anna Sara Hajnal
Design Team Lead

Border Collie mom who loves nature and new adventures. I love knitting and painting for long hours.

Greta Bihari
UX Researcher

I’m an art and sports enthusiast. If you think of something funny, you have to say it. My favorite superhero: Spider Man.

Ildiko Takacs
Junior Graphic Designer

Sleep deprived cat owner. I love the outdoors, black coffee, and cold weather.

Tech team

Andras Maroy
Tech Team Lead

I’m a hobby barista and DIY enthusiast. I’m trying to spend as much time as possible on/in water.

Kata Szell
Product Owner

I’m a doggo lover – without own doggo – and a coffee addict. Pizza is better when cold.

Akos Jakab
Cybersecurity Content Creator
Yoga enthusiast.
Balint Ligeti
Junior Frontend Developer

I’m a proud dad of a Golden Retriever girl. I like to take photos of people rather than talk to them.

David Schutz
Engineering Intern
Breaking stuff by day, sleeping by night.

Bence Andrasi

Fullstack Developer

Aviation geek. When I’m offline you can find me at the airport.


Dome Darazs

Fullstack Developer

My idea of fun: drinking black coffee while listening to either music or the silence of nature.


Mate Simon-Takacs

Software Developer

Eating > Training > Learning > Working > Sleeping > Repeat

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