Design is complicated. Designers have so many factors to consider, that it’s easy to lose focus if the underlying message, content or principles are not clear. At Avatao, our core message is teaching security. And that is something that we wanted to emphasize upon.

We wanted to create a mascot that represents and talks with the voice of Avatao. After filtering through the usual suspects of cuddly animals, we had the idea to choose an animal that is endangered. This, we thought, would resonate well with our message of security, safety and protection.

That’s how Finley, the red panda, was born.

Finley, though, is blue; primarily because we thought it would put the user at ease better than the color red. We also had blue as a company color for many years and that factored into our decision-making process as well.

Now that we had a mascot, we started to think about storylines for Finley. Stories engage users better than pure facts. To set the scene, we brainstormed on how to combine the cybersecurity world with Finley into a story that we can develop without being too restricted by the early decisions we make.

We thought about motivation, inspiration, the goals of Finley and by extension, the goals of the user.

Then it clicked, Finley wants to feel safe, secure, protected. Finley wants to explore, learn, find home. Finley wants to travel to Planet SeeSo (SeeSo, a world where CISOs, Chief Information Security Officers, live). In a world where every corner poses a security risk, Planet SeeSo represents the hope of safety, security and protection to Finley.

The journey will be hard, the challenges will seem unsolvable, but staying put is not an option for Finley.
The beginnings of this story can be found on our website.

To see how Finley’s story evolves, stay tuned. We have a lot more lined up!

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