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Our self-paced learning platform is designed to engage developers in a secure coding training,
regardless of their skill level.

From building your own labs to solving exercises based on real security breaches, Avatao offers a wide range of functionalities to allow for a fun and smooth experience, both for developers and managers.

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Gamified learning for various skill levels and job roles

Hacking isn’t just a fun experience, but also an effective way to learn about security. Get engaged with our wide range of interactive exercises of various difficulty levels, from cracking passwords to security best practices to binary exploitation.

Tutorials and challenges

Avatao’s interactive tutorials guide users through the process of exploiting and fixing vulnerabilities. They are a great choice for beginners! Our challenges, on the other hand, enable users to explore the application and find/exploit security issues on their own. Hints and solutions are available for these exercises as well.

Offensive and defensive labs about real security breaches

We are always keeping up with the latest security news, and enjoy reproducing scenarios based on interesting bug bounty reports. Avatao users are offered the chance to exploit vulnerabilities found in applications such as Google, Yahoo, or PayPal in a replicated environment!

Large library of default modules focusing on key security topics

OWASP Top 10 is a topic everyone interested in cybersecurity should learn about – which is why we cover the most common security issues in major programming languages. Avatao also features topics such as Application Level DoS, Concurrency, Cache Poisoning, SQL injection, and many more!

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secure coding custom module

Easy customization of modules

Our platform allows for full flexibility based on your training goals. You are free to use our blueprints or cherry-pick any challenges from our library to build your own module.

Assignment tracking and reminders

You can conveniently assign modules to your teams, set specific completion deadlines for them, and send reminders directly from the platform to encourage progress. 

Comprehensive reporting for easy progress tracking

You can access the dashboard of your organization anytime to check how users are progressing with their assignments, or to see what they’ve been working on the most. You can also easily download these reports from the platform.

Docker-based environment

Our exercises are running in Docker containers, which brings a great deal of flexibility.
We can demonstrate real vulnerabilities (Remote Code Execution for example), let users write and deploy their custom fixes, or give them SSH access to the containers.

Custom exercises based on your company's needs

The structure of our exercises is 100% open source, which means you can develop Avatao challenges or tutorials locally, and upload them to the platform. You are free to use our tools and templates to create exclusive content for your organization!

User management and insights through the API

By utilizing our RESTful API, you can integrate Avatao into your own platform effortlessly. Manage teams and assignments and collect valuable information about the progress of your organization. You can take full control and automate everything you need!

Capture the flag

secure coding training platform features

Our platform also offers self-served CTFs. You can easily create and run your own individual or team-based CTF anytime from Avatao.

CTFs are a great way to motivate learning, and to allow your best teams to compete against each other.

Use this functionality to bring some fun or competition into your training or team building!

It’s totally customisable and you can choose from hundreds of challenges!

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