Release notes

Discover the latest information about Avatao’s new platform releases, features, updates, fixes, and more!

release notes

April  2022

  • Released new module UI
  • Bug & frontend fixes


  • Added first 5 AWS exercises
  • Added 5 new API security exercises

March  2022

  • API documentation linked to platform sidebar
  • Tutorial framework loading fix for different browsers
  • Welcome link improvements
  • Assignment reminder bug fixed
  • Other bug & frontent fixes


  • New & updated exercises for all first levels of Learning Paths
  • New API security module with 5 exercises

February  2022

  • Teams can now be renamed
  • Invite link improvements
  • Frontend fixes


  • Released new API security module with 10 exercises

January  2022

  • Feedback form after finishing exercises now allows bug reporting
  • Added Support CTA to each exercise, users are now able to report any problem this way
  • Points are visible for each CTF challenge on the exercise detail page as well
  • Organization invite flow improvements
  • Hover & animation effects added


  • Learning Paths levels 2 & 3 added to each path

December  2021

  • New & improved onboarding flow
    – steps under Profile menu
    – can be replayed any time
  • Member page fixes
  • Other bug & frontend fixes


  • New module in the Web Security collection: OWASP Top 10  2021

November  2021

  • Several frontend & bug fixes  to improve user experience


  • Extended Web security collection
avatao exercises

October  2021

  • Several frontend & bug fixes


  • Continuously reorganizing content for better user experience
  • Released two new, advanced-level CTF challenges
  • Extended Python collection

September  2021

  • Custom module and CTF module editing is now available, including:
    – Renaming
    – Changing the timeframe
    – Editing the exercise list
    – Editing the order of the exercises
    – Deleting the module
  • CTF flow fixes:
    – Header is improved
    – Skill tags are not clickable from the list (they still are from the exercise page) so users don’t click on them accidentally
    – New feedback form with congratulations message
    – Once finishing an exercise, the platform drives users back to the module, so they can go to the next exercise easier and faster
  • Other frontend improvements
    – Micro-animations, hover effects, new loader, new sidebar

August  2021

  • New & improved trial registration form with two extra questions, which help us better understand our users’ needs and provide relevant content for them
  • Data processor list updated

July  2021

  • Learning path feature released with job-relevant exercises & certificates
  • Alphabetical order for teams available
  • Introduced new & improved diagrams
  • Added custom module delete option
  • Added reactivation opportunity (owner license needed)
  • Frontend fixes


bug bounty

June  2021

  • Dark mode fixes
  • Bug fixes (error messages, exercises not working, copy changes, etc.)
  • Messages can now be found under the Profile section, not under Support
  • Hiding leaderboard from members available on request
  • Updated data processor list


  • Added 20 new CTF exercises covering topics in API security, reverse engineering, password cracking, injections, and more 

May  2021

  • Published Ruby OWASP Top 10 module with 9 exercises
  • Published Python best practices module with 5 exercises
owasp top 10 vulnerabilities

April  2021

  • Events and challenges can be renamed in downloadable reports
  • Custom modules can be edited and deleted
  • Modules from the module statistics page can now be clicked
  • Frontend fixes:

    – Module leaderboard only showed a spinner when disabled for members >
       we have hidden leaderboard for members when leaderboards are disabled

    – Onboarding flow could lead to users being stuck when closed and reopened at certain stages

    – Module length maximum is set by default for browsing modules, preventing them from being accidentally hidden


  • Published a new module covering Python secure coding best practices with 5 exercises

March  2021

  • Introduced self-served CTFs
    – Organizations are now able to create Capture The Flag events
  • Dark mode available
    – Users can select whether they prefer a light or dark interface (toggle implemented only for the Avatao platform, not for the exercise UI)
  • User contact opt-out
    Upon signing-up users can now opt-out of being contacted about their trial experience
  • Introduced Message Center
    Users will be able to receive notifications on the platform UI, including messages and reminders about new assignments, platform downtime, etc.
  • Updated feedback forms
    Redesigned forms introduced about user feedback on challenge completion and leaving the platform
release notes

February  2021

  • Introduced onboarding process for new registrants
    – Different onboarding flow for members, admins and trial users
  • Custom deadline for assignments
    – Admins can now add a custom deadline to their assignments for their users


  • Published 18 new Node.JS / React challenges

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