Release notes

Discover the latest information about Avatao’s new platform releases, features, updates, fixes and more!

avatao release notes

March  2021

  • Introduced self-served CTFs
    – Organizations are now able to create Capture The Flag events
  • Dark mode available
    – Users can select whether they prefer a light or dark interface (toggle implemented only for the Avatao platform, not for the exercise UI)
  • User contact opt-out
    Upon signing-up users can now opt-out of being contacted about their trial experience
  • Introduced Message Center
    Users will be able to receive notifications on the platform UI, including messages and reminders about new assignments, platform downtime, etc.
  • Updated feedback forms
    Redesigned forms introduced about user feedback on challenge completion and leaving the platform
release notes

February  2021

  • Introduced onboarding process for new registrants
    – Different onboarding flow for members, admins and trial users
  • Custom deadline for assignments
    – Admins can now add a custom deadline to their assignments for their users


  • Published 18 new Node.JS / React challenges

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