Teach your team Ruby security best practices

Avatao’s exercises cover topics about exploiting vulnerable web services and native applications developed with Ruby and Ruby on Rails, and provide your team with the skills needed for developing and managing secure applications. Our practical and comprehensive Ruby security training equips developers with a deep understanding of the anatomy of the most common web attacks, and prepares them for catching security threats early.

secure coding in ruby

Enable your developers to build secure apps with Ruby

What your team will learn:

Ruby security
best practices

Most common attack types & corresponding exploits

OWASP Top 10

Web security
beyond OWASP Top 10

Native Ruby vulnerabilities

Ruby on Rails security

Training for different levels of Ruby security expertise

1. Beginner - OWASP Top 10

Developers get a solid understanding of the most common web security vulnerabilities through guided tutorials.

2. Intermediate - Best practices and strategies

Your team will gain a better understanding of the most common attack surfaces and vulnerabilities. We equip learners with hands-on skills to think like a hacker, and empower them to design and build up multiple lines of defense.

3. Advanced - Advanced topics of security

Security tutorials allow developers to immerse themselves in advanced topics related to native Ruby and Rails vulnerabilities and attacks. These are demonstrated through real-life security breaches, followed by the recommended secure coding guidelines and possible mitigation techniques.


Advantages of a Ruby security training

Empower your development team to

  • Write secure code in Ruby and catch application security threats early
  • Learn to identify the root cause of problems and how to fix them
  • Get a deep understanding of each web attack’s anatomy and objectives
  • Understand both the offensive and defensive mindset
  • Learn techniques and strategies for creative thinking and problem solving, to detect innovative ways of exploiting Ruby and related frameworks’ security vulnerabilities
ruby security training

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