Security awareness

Your software team is your first line of defense – Make security awareness training exciting for developers!

security awareness

Advantages of security awareness training

Build a foundation for high-quality, resilient software engineering

Get developers on board when it comes to shipping secure features. Show how best practices in security awareness can speed up quality software development.

Align with major compliance frameworks

Ensure your organization complies with major security standards like PCI-DSS, ISO 27001, HIPAA, SOC2, FedRamp, or GDPR. Check mandatory secure coding training off your list and build up your team’s security awareness.

Help people identify threats and learn about defense strategies

Help your team develop the right security mindset and give them the tools they need to identify risks, fix them when possible, or escalate them to the security teams.

Strengthen the bond between security and engineering teams

Bring security into the development process with relevant information and quick feedback. Turn security teams into business enablers by providing developers with guidance and guardrails.

Why choose Avatao’s security awareness training?

Short exercises to spark interest

Relevant, bite-size examples explain fundamental concepts, but do not require a huge time investment from developers.


Quick learning, broad overview of fundamental concepts

Beginning with the most common vulnerabilities, security awareness training provides a first glimpse into an exciting and challenging area. Apply what you learn right away to strengthen products and ship code faster.

Learn not only the hacker mindset, but also the best defense strategies

Raise awareness among developers about how attackers might approach a product. Show the most common mistakes and the best ways to prevent them.

Curated learning paths and certifications to demonstrate achievements

Select your job role and programming language, then complete language-specific exercises. Learn about the issues and framework of the technology you use in your day-to-day work.


Expand learning with a gamified CTF programming competition

Organize hands-on programming competitions (CTFs) to engage developers with exciting challenges. Developers love to compete and demonstrate their skills.


Get started with security awareness training today!

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