Real-world vulnerabilities in a safe environment

Our training platform offers your developers interactive exercises based on real-world issues discovered by security researchers and bug bounty hunters. Avatao allows your team to experience these vulnerabilities in a safe environment, helping them expand their awareness of these issues and  write secure code from the start!

recent security breaches

A new day, a new breach

Every day, new security breaches and vulnerabilities are discovered. Security researchers, bug bounty hunters, and hackers work day and night trying to find vulnerabilities in companies’ assets before the bad guys do. After the issue gets fixed, the researchers usually publish these bugs and release them to the security community. At Avatao, our content team works hard to recreate the most relevant ones as interactive exercises for the platform.

What are bug bounty programs?

More and more companies are starting to advertise incentivized vulnerability disclosure programs. They invite security researchers and hackers to test their applications for security vulnerabilities. If a researcher finds a qualifying vulnerability, the company issues a financial reward, otherwise known as a “bounty”.

The first step to avoiding vulnerabilities is..

Knowing about them, of course! If your developers familiarize themselves with the vulnerabilities, they are less likely to introduce the same bugs again when writing new code. Anticipating what could go wrong, as well as regularly looking at the application from an attacker’s perspective, are powerful tools for writing code that is secure right from the beginning.


It's a sad truth, but..

The majority of breaches could have been avoided by a security-first mindset. Most data breaches are caused by the lack of responsibility developers have for the code they write. Fixing a vulnerability will always be more expensive than writing secure code from the very beginning.


Bug bounties & famous vulnerabilities

Avatao’s interactive exercises include:

  • A recreation of a vulnerability in Facebook’s birthday video uploading feature which exposed 50 million user accounts
  • A tutorial based on a $25,000 vulnerability that allowed a researcher to gain access to the GitHub account of a victim with a single click on a malicious link
  • A hands-on walkthrough of an XSS in Google search from 2019 caused by improper HTML sanitization of the client
  • An exciting challenge on the Remote Code Execution (RCE) vulnerability found in Log4j.
  • .. and many more!

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