Master secure coding practices
with Avatao

Learn about security best practices, improve your skills,
and build a solid career with the help of our secure coding training platform.

How can you utilize Avatao’s security training?

Practice secure coding in a container-based environment 

You can run and test your code, use the terminal to execute OS commands, access the filesystem, and crash & fix real applications!

Get started with security best practices in a fun and interactive way

We create gamified scenarios in our secure coding exercises, and put each vulnerable situation into context.

Learn about some of the most recent data breaches

We’ll teach you how to think like a hacker, and how to fix the vulnerable code

avatao secure coding training for developers

4 reasons to learn secure coding best practices
with Avatao

Learn by doing with hands-on secure coding exercises

Don’t just watch others explain – master secure coding practices while actually writing code! Avatao’s security training offers hands-on, job-relevant challenges that enable you to learn about security best practices by actively participating in both attacking and defending vulnerabilities.

Meet secure coding standards and enhance product quality

Avatao helps you improve your secure coding skills, so you can ship secure code faster, and enable your company to deliver high quality products. Grow your knowledge with over 750 challenges in 9+ languages, covering topics such as Java security, OWASP Top 10, AWS security and more!

Understand security breaches

Our secure coding exercises showcase real-life examples of the biggest security breaches. Find out how hackers exploited the vulnerability so you don’t make the same mistakes!

Become a security champion

Our security training helps you acquire the skills needed to become a pro at secure coding, so you can advance your career and share security best practices within your organization.

Turn security issues into insights for your company

If you’d like to learn more about how to utilize the key takeaways from actual breaches, download our ebook, in which we discuss:

  • 5 hands-on, instructive scenarios from our security training library, featuring cases from British Airways, PayPal, GitHub, and Google
  • How you can avoid and remedy security issues
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What developers say about our secure coding training

“Entertaining way to gain useful knowledge. I like how interactive Avatao’s tutorials are, it makes learning very practical and almost effortless!”

Bendegúz Ács
Software Developer

Boost your secure coding skills and advance your career with Avatao’s security training!

Test your knowledge with our challenges and tutorials covering the most popular programming languages and vulnerabilities.