Security Training For Developers

to master secure coding best practices and achieve compliance.

Let’s see what you will get:

  • Framework to build a structured security program

  • Hands on virtual labs with real scenarios to simulate real-life product development problems

  • Target various skill levels and job roles

  • Measure security skills and fill skill gaps


• Create security awareness

• Fulfills compliance criteria:
– ISO 27001
– FedRamp
– etc.

• Simplified training management

• Clear workflow

• Limited access to the content

• Easy to pass


• Annual learning plans

• Learning Paths by languages

• Full access to the content

• Team option to differentiate learners

• Assignments with deadlines

• Detailed statistics

• Includes Compliance module

• Includes CTF option


• CTF hacking event

• Competition for developers

• Raises security awareness

• Introduction to the offensive aspect

• Helps to identify Security Champions

• Fun challenges for beginner or advanced developers

• Team building power

How can you benefit from Avatao’s secure coding training for developers?

From zero to hero - Build your security program from scratch

Whether you need to kick off your first security awareness training, evaluate the secure coding skills of your teams, or challenge your security champions, we give you the right structure to do so.

Make developer training effective

Avatao’s highly interactive, scalable, and job-relevant training modules make security training more effective than simple presentations or videos. Developers get to train in an environment that simulates real-life product development problems, which allows them to tackle everyday security challenges easily.

Tailor security training to your needs

Create a custom secure coding training experience that fits your goals. With access to the full library of exercises, Avatao makes it easy to build your custom training.

Measure security skills and fill gaps

Check our statistics to discover which areas your developers are strong or weak in and assign secure coding training accordingly. Avatao allows you to track the progress of your teams to make sure they are improving!

Boost your team’s skills with
our security training for developers!

Start onboarding your team right away and introduce secure coding training to your company efficiently.