Extend security skills to your              whole team

Protect your organization by giving your developers applicable security best practices.

Scale cybersecure coding to all your teams

Avatao’s security modules cover a variety of job roles and skill sets. Training for different levels of expertise: Fully interactive and guided tutorials for beginners and challenges for more advanced users.

Foresee, prevent, remediate security incidents faster

Reduce business risk by familiarizing your developers with a massive library of cybersecurity scenarios. Our security modules cover a wide range of topics from secure coding, web security to DevSecOps, reverse engineering and more.

Measure security skills

Gain full visibility on your team’s security skills and uncover insights leading to improved business decisions. Discover who your security champions are.

Create your Security Program from scratch

Our platform allows you to assign modules to different teams depending on their skill level. Similar to a belt system, you can follow their progress up the ladder!

Make developer training more effective and get results

Avatao’s highly interactive, scalable and job-relevant training modules make security learning more effective than simple PPTs or videos. Developers get to train in their own environment, reflecting their daily job.

Tailor security training to your team's needs

Create a custom security training experience that fits your business. Avatao makes it easy to add your own customized content to the platform.

Security modules designed for various

levels of expertise

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Customer Stories

Read how security training builds better business

“Avatao provides an excellent platform to educate software engineers on how to prevent common security mistakes through hands-on, real world examples. Engineers are able to not only read about security issues, but see them in practice in order to gain a better understanding. Additionally, the platform is easy to use and the team is proactive and energetic which is very important in a rapidly changing world.”

Szilárd Boldizsár
Information Security Manager

Customize your security training

Compile your own security training from our rich library of hands-on security modules in just a few clicks.

See Avatao in action!

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