Enhance your team’s skills with practical security training

Avatao provides your developers with applicable security best practices, so that you can ship high quality products and reduce business risks.

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How can you utilize Avatao’s security training?

1. Start with security awareness

When building your security program, ensuring that the fundamentals of secure coding are understood by all your development teams is a must.

Through Avatao’s exercises, we not only teach developers about common vulnerabilities, but we also take it one step further, and explain how to prevent them. We help you assign the right security awareness training based on your team’s skill level and tech stack.

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2. Provide continuous security training for your developers

We are constantly developing new exercises to help you make sure your team’s knowledge is up to date regarding the latest trends and newest types of vulnerabilities.

We also created career tracks based on specific technologies, which enables you to track your developers’ progress towards the most advanced level. Avatao’s platform allows you to custom-build your own training modules and assign them throughout the year, so you can make sure learning never stops!

3. Train your security champions with us

Security champions play a critical role in creating and maintaining a strong security culture at your organization. Avatao helps you identify them, and also provides them with challenging content that will not only further improve their skills, but also keep their training exciting.

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How can you benefit from Avatao’s security training?

From zero to hero - build your security program from scratch

Whether you need to kick off your first security awareness training, evaluate the secure coding skills of your teams, or challenge your security champions, we give you the right structure to do so.

Make developer training effective

Avatao’s highly interactive, scalable, and job-relevant training modules make security training more effective than simple presentations or videos. Developers get to train in an environment that simulates real-life product development problems, which allows them to tackle everyday security challenges easily.

Tailor security training to your needs

Create a custom security training experience that fits your goals. With access to the full library of exercises, Avatao makes it easy to build your custom training. We also give you the ability to create your own exercises if you need company-specific topics.

Measure security skills and fill gaps

Check our statistics to discover which areas your developers are strong or weak in and assign training accordingly. Avatao allows you to track the progress of your teams to make sure they are improving!

Security training modules designed for various

levels of expertise

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Customer reviews

The courses are well structured and cover a wide variety of topics, which take you through progressive challenges, supported by good concise resources. Gives lots of confidence to beginners and it’s engaging for experts as well.

Ajit Hatti
Founder of PureID

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