Extend security skills to your whole team

Protect your organisation by giving your developers applicable security best practices.

Scale security effectively

Provide security training to your development teams so they can build secure code from the start. Security is becoming a key requirement for customers. Ensure that application security tools are properly used and reduce vulnerabilities in your products.

Fulfill your compliance

Use our challenges to comply with PCI-DSS, SOC2, ISO 27001 or FedRAMP, and assign the training to the targeted engineers.

Identify your Security Champions

Identify motivated team members, engage them to upskill themselves and their teams. Security Champions are key to building a security culture and a starting point to setting up a Security Awareness Program.

Measure security skills

Our dashboard allows you to identify the skill level of each individual and assign them targeted training accordingly. 

Build your security program

security training for developers


Integrate new employees by highlighting secure coding practices and setting clear security expectations from the first day.


Hold a remote or on-site workshop led by a Security Champion on a targeted topic relevant to your teams.

Best practices

Learn security best practices through hands-on DevSecOps exercises via tools you use on a daily basis.


Comply with security standards like PCI-DSS, SOC2, ISO 27001 or FedRAMP by organizing a mandatory training.

CTF & Hackathon

Raise awareness around application security with competitions and identify your security champions.

Security training

A one-off training does not have a lasting impact. Make ongoing training a key component of your security program.

Customer Stories

Read how cybersecurity learning builds better business

Customize your security training

Compile your own CTFs or workshops from our rich library of hands-on challenges in just a few clicks.

See Avatao in Action!

Book a demo and find out how we can help your company scale security training efficiently.