Build your skills in a
bullet-proof profession

Avatao gives you the relevant secure coding skills to build a solid career

Why Avatao?

Avatao helps developers test their security skills and ship secure code faster.  Dedicated Docker containers are launched for each developer allowing them to test and run their code in a real environment. 

Be ready to be challenged!


What can you do on the platform?


Master your skills in a container world

Run and test your code, use the terminal to execute OS commands and access the filesystem and crash real applications!


Challenge yourself with
CTFs and workshops

Learn and practice security concepts in a fun and effective way!


Learn to think
like a hacker

We’ll teach you how to think like a hacker but also how to fix the vulnerable code!

Learn by coding,
don't just watch others explain

Avatao’s challenges are hands-on, job-relevant training exercises that enable you to learn secure coding practices straight away.

Become a Security Champion​

We help you acquire the security skills you need to become a leader in your workplace and spread security best practices in your organization!

Learn lessons from recent security breaches​

Our exercises are real-life examples of the biggest security breaches. Learn how hackers exploited the vulnerability, so you don’t commit the same mistakes.

No videos. No slides. Only real coding.

500+ real, practical challenges in 10+ languages for you