I nearly fell off my chair when our content guy, Anshul came to me and said
“Steve, I want you to write our next blog on the culture of Avatao
“Culture!!??” I said, “You do realise I’m Australian. I’m an Australian living in Europe, the cultural capital of the world”’

After all, the only culture that I could think of, based on my experiences was one of beers, boards, barbeques and beaches. How was that ever going to be relevant to the people that read our content?

He looked at me with this look that was somewhere between disbelief and sympathy and kind of nodded, somehow knowing exactly what I was thinking. But with a kind voice and an empathetic tone he set me straight and said “No, I’d like you to talk about the culture of the company. What it feels like to work with Avatao”

“Got it. That’s what I thought you meant” I lied in a vain attempt to cover my complete lack of understanding.

So I set out on my journey of discovery, researching what company culture really is and how to accurately describe it. I read article after article on how cultures were established in burgeoning start-ups like Avatao through to huge enterprises like Google and Microsoft. Cultures like Clan Culture, Adhocracy Culture, Market and Hierarchy Culture.

The only thing I learned about all this research was that I could fall asleep sitting upright. For regular long haul flight connoisseurs, sleeping up right seems normal, for me it was something that seemed impossible but became quite an enjoyable experience.

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That was it, my epiphany. To describe the culture of working for such a dynamic startup like Avatao, I’d have to reach down inside. Speak from the heart and not from the pages of the websites I visited on my way to compiling what could have been an uninteresting blog filled with ‘expert’ opinions and cited corporate jargon.

I want you to imagine a huge shared space where friends congregate, share stories and ideas, create amazing things and build legacies. A place where your opinion matters and so do you. A place where lunches are spent sitting around the table talking about all things non work related. Laughing, telling jokes, trying to speak Hungarian which creates more laughter.

To work at Avatao is exactly this. It doesn’t fit to any cultural standard, it doesn’t fall within any corporate hierarchical frameworks, it’s just Avatao.
It’s coming to the office everyday looking forward to being there, it’s the feeling of satisfaction and achievement, it’s a sense of belonging. It’s the same feeling I felt when I first arrived in Hungary in 2018.

Coming from structured corporate roles to an office filled with friends was something that seemed impossible but is now the most enjoyable experience of my life. Now bring on the beers and barbeque, I have to keep the Australian culture going somehow you know…

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