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Security topics


Learn about OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilties, get familiar with solutions and best practices to prevent them.

Security breaches

Learn lessons from recent security breaches. Experience how hackers exploited the vulnerabilities, so you’ll be able to foresee them in the future.


SQL Injection tutorials and examples: Learn how to fix a vulnerable login, try a WordPress penetration testing challenge and many more tips and tricks.


How does cross-site scripting work? How to find and how to prevent XSS vulnerabilities?


How does a complex code injection attack look like? How is a Remote Code Execution performed? Dive into command injection.


Git, Vault, Terraform tutorials and many more challenges to make your applications more secure.


What is Sensitive Data Exposure and how to prevent it


Check our tutorials and challenges about XML related vulnerabilities, such as the billion laughs attack

Content Security Policy (CSP)

Learn how to use Content Security Policy (CSP) to secure web applications.


Learn the basics of broken authentication, find out what could go wrong with the user session after they log in and master user authentication practices and procedures.

API Security

Learn about the most common API vulnerabilities and ways to prevent them.

Spring Framework Security

Learn about Spring Security, CSRF protection, and many more topics.

Third-Party Component Security

Handling third-party security is a must. Learn how you can reduce the risk of vulnerable components.

Broken Access Control

What is broken access control? How to find it in your application?

Insecure Direct Object Reference (IDOR)

What is an IDOR vulnerability? Check our realistic attack scenarios and learn how to fix Insecure Direct Object Reference.

Web Cache Poisoning

Check our web cache poisoning tutorial, learn about web cache deception and more.

Request Forgeries

Get an overview of request forgeries, learn how to fix a CSRF vulnerability and many more topics.

Smart Contract Security

Learn about the most common vulnerability types in Ethereum smart contracts from Re-Entrancy to Timestamp Dependence.

Memory Corruption Attacks

Memory corruption is a common problem when writing C or C++ programs. What is it and how to detect Memory Corruption Attacks.


Dive into cryptography: learn about secure password hashing, hybrid encription, MAC-and-ENC protocol and many more topics.

Sensitive Data Exposure

What is Sensitive Data Exposure and how to prevent it.

Security Tools

Security tools help you find, dissect and evaluate security issues, such as injection, or brute-forcing password hashes.

Job roles


Security champion


Security analyst

DevOps engineer