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Enable your development team to ship secure applications fast by offering them a practical web security training. 

Raise the level of AppSec competency in your team

What your team will learn:

OWASP Top 10

Web application security
best practices

Most common attacks &
corresponding exploits

Web security training levels

1. Beginner - Web security fundamentals

Developers get a solid understanding of the most common web application security vulnerabilities such as SQL, command injection, broken authentication, broken access control, and XSS through guided tutorials. By completing these modules they acquire basic knowledge about the most prevalent vulnerabilities, as well as the topics covered by OWASP Top 10.

2. Intermediate - Layers of defense

Your team will gain a better understanding of the attack surface and deeper knowledge about the most common vulnerabilities. We equip learners with hands-on skills to think like a hacker, and empower them to design and build up multiple lines of defense. The intermediate module covers not only the topics of OWASP Top 10, such as XXE, security misconfiguration, XSS, injections, sensitive data exposure, and vulnerable third-party components, but more specific areas like XSSI and JSONP as well.

3. Advanced - Real security breaches

Developers can immerse themselves in advanced challenges including real security breaches, bug bounty write-ups, and sophisticated exploits. They can also deepen their knowledge about attack vectors which they previously learned in the intermediate and beginner modules.

Advantages of a web security training

Empower your development team to

  • Learn to identify the root cause of problems and fix them right away
  • Get a deep understanding of each web attack’s anatomy and objectives
  • Write secure code and catch web application security threats early
  • Understand both the offensive and defensive mindset
  • Learn techniques and strategies for creative thinking and problem solving to detect innovative ways of exploiting web security vulnerabilities
  • Perform advanced web app source code review
  • Reduce risks
  • Improve development processes and strengthen your application security
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